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A good start on Nezhinskaya GOK (video)

As reported, in September 2015, solemnly laid the capsule to mark the beginning of construction of the Nezhin mining and processing plant on the basis of the Starobin Deposit of potassium salts. This is the second venture in Belarus for production of potash and potash fertilizer production capacity of 2 million tonnes of potash per year. The investment project envisages the construction of a mining complex preparation plant, gas turbine power plants for their own use, railway, highway, housing and other infrastructure. Construction of the MPC started in 2016. Implementing a project of IOOO "Slavely".
Nezhin mining and processing plant will be commissioned in 2022. This was announced by chief specialist of the capital workings of IOOO "Slavely" Igor Poryadin. The most responsible part of the work, namely the preparation of a freeze array for shaft sinking began, JSC "Drilling company "Delta".

urrently, Nezhin mining conducted drilling works and installation to a depth of 30 m conductors under the freeze wells. Previously the site held preparatory work: complied with vertical layout of the site and built the concrete base, which for months has received the required design strength. All 86 wells skipovom and stands trunks will drill the Belarusian company "Delta".

"The uniqueness of this project is to avoid the explosion of the rocks - the traditional method of drilling barrels for future mines. The penetration of the stem to the final depth of 698 m will be a highly mechanized complex", - said Igor Poryadin.
After the installation of conductors under wells in October 2017, the specialists of the German company, Deilmann-Haniel will start the installation of the freezing system on the barrel and connects thereto the station freeze. For eight months at a depth of 156 m to circulate the refrigerant, which will lower the soil temperature to minus 35 degrees. This leopardo the fence has already been applied to the world's largest deposits and provides full protection against the penetration of water into the mine.

Photo By Alexander Sinkova.
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