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Belarusian enterprises present their business projects in Moscow

On April 11 Belarusian enterprises presented their business projects in the Embassy's Business and cultural complex in Moscow. 
       Opening the event, Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Russia Igor Petrishenko stressed that the BelTPP "is an organization that unites more than 2,150 representatives of Belarusian business. The chamber maintains contacts with almost all countries of the world, almost 100 of them have signed relevant agreements on cooperation". 
      The head of the diplomatic mission invited representatives of foreign diplomatic missions in Russia to take a closer look at Belarus, noting that "many of our friends who actively work with us here in Moscow and have information about the success of Belarus in mechanical engineering and agriculture are surprised to learn about our opportunities in the IT sector, in medicine and biotechnology, energy, space exploration, science and education."
        Foreign diplomats were informed about the activities of the BelCCI and some of its largest members: Delta Drilling Company (full range of drilling operations, including design, testing, survey),



        Belarusian metallurgical plant (production of a wide range of metal products), machine-building company "Vitebsk lifts" (production of lifting and handling equipment), companies "Premilk" (production of ingredients based on milk whey for use in the food and feed industry), "AridGrow Production" (development and manufacture of products of deep peat processing (ameliorants-soil) to clean up land and water surfaces from oil pollution, greening the desert and other arid zones). The center for international relations of the Ministry of education of the Republic of Belarus presented educational services.
        The event was attended by some 40 heads and representatives of diplomatic missions representing the countries of Europe, Africa, Latin America, South-East Asia.