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Soilmec SR-80C

SR-80C  hydraulic drilling rig  is mounted on CATERPILLAR base and has been specially designed for suiting the following applications:

  • Cased bore piles with casing driven directly through rotary head or optionally by casing oscillator powered by the base carrier
  • deep bored piles stabilized by drilling fluid or dry hole
  • CFA (continuous  flight auger ) piles using very long auger string

The rig is designed for execution of :

  • CFA piles
  • Kelly piles
  • DDS piles

Technical specifications:

  • Rated engine output 330 kW
  • Operating weight (approx.) 85 t
  • Max. diameter 2000 mm 
  • Max depth  77 m
  • Max torque 292 kNm

The SR-80C is equipped with the CAT monitoring system of the engine power and hydraulic system