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Soilmec SR-65

Soilmec  SR-65  is a hydraulic drilling rig  designed for drilling and making  boreholes using continuous flight auger for concrete foundation piles with or without reinforcement mesh. The rig uses rotation and thrust drilling technique. Auger (tool) is driven by rotary head. Drilling can be carried out by various methods depending on geological soil conditions, i.e dry hole or with drilling fluid supply.


  • Kelly-bar drilling method                          Ø 2500 mm, depth up to  41 m
  • CFA drilling method                          Ø850 mm; Ø650 mm, depth up to 23 m.
  • CSP drilling method                    Ø1000mm, depth up to 10 m;               Ø 800mm; 600mm, depth up to 15 m. 
  • DDS (displacement tool) drilling method Ø800 mm; 650 mm; 450 mm, depth up to 14 m.


The rig can also insert reinforcement cages also using vibratory driver, which is designed to improve properties of poured concrete and facilitate installation of reinforcement cage.