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Soilmec PSM-20

Soilmec PSM-20 rotary drilling rig

The PSM-20 is a drilling rig designed for execution of micropiles, anchors, jet-grouting. Base carrier is specifically developed by Soilmec engineers with regard to all specific features

Jet grouting is a method of soil consolidation, based on simultaneous  disaggregating and mixing of the soil by high-pressure grout jet. Jet grouting produces 600-2000 mm. diameter  cylindrical columns. 

Equipment from Soilmec (Italy) can be used for suiting the following applications:

            - grouting curtains and watertight diaphragm walls;
            - retaining walls and excavation shoring

              - underpinning  of all foundation types;
            - slope consolidation;
            - soil consolidation  at the bottom of projected foundations in order to improve  soil strength and deformation properties;
            - installation of  bored  injection piles and anchors