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Liebherr LB 16

In 1949, the company Liebherr was founded in Germany, which has now acquired a different organizational and legal form. Now it is a holding company that unites 130 separate structures. The company is based in Switzerland and is a world leader in the production of drilling rigs.

Advantages of the company and Liebherr drilling rigs
Millions of customers around the world describe Liebherr exclusively in a positive way. The advantages and obvious advantages of the brand are: a Monumental and clear organizational structure-the key to effective management of the entire enterprise. Liebherr is a typical example of a family business, where each Manager works with a high degree of responsibility to a colleague or relative. The company's priority is to save jobs and create new ones. A wide range of products instantly adapts to the constantly changing economic realities. To date, the company has acquired a "web" of points of sale and maintenance around the world. A unique system has been created to save customers ' money: you can buy used spare parts for already owned equipment from the manufacturer.
Liebherr drilling rigs are available in the following series: the LB series combines rotary machines. The LRB series is a pile drilling system.

LB series machines Drilling rigs from Germany of this series work according to all methods that are used in modern production: the use of a Kelly rod; work with an infinite auger; drilling wells with soil displacement; the use of a two-rotor drive.

Liebherr LB series drilling machines have a number of positive features: crawler cranes are used as a running base; the versatility of components for piling machines and hydraulic excavators; winches are mounted on the mast, which allows you to change the departure, while maintaining the immobility of the mast and ropes; when determining the level of tilt, the mast takes an automatically set position. The only significant drawback of this series of Liebherr drilling rigs is the relatively high prices.

Main characteristics of the Liebherr LB 16 drilling rig:

weight                                               - 52 t
Torque                                              - 180 кНm
Push-in/pull-out force                      - 200 кН
Motor power                                      - 180 кВт