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Drillmec G-33 Astra

Drillmec G33 multipurpose drilling rig  with complete hydraulic drive installed on ASTRA truck.  The drilling rig is designed for rotary drilling  applications using direct circulation of mud,water and down the hole hammer. The rig is suitable for water well drilling. The main advantage is that G33 is able to provide 33000kg of maximum rated pulling force  and is equipped with manageable configuration system. It requires minimum service crew size and make the work safe and economic. The hydraulic system is designed for providing the wide range of a torque, high  working speed , and also high  winch speed for limited time of drill string lowering and raising.  The drilling rig is designed approximately from 600-meter drilling with mud using  direct circulation with a  12" 1/4 (31 cm) bit. Diameters and depth of drilling depend on the method applied.


ASTRA, axle configuration 8х8. The truck is prepared for operation in cross-country conditions. The truck is able to work for prolonged periods at high temperatures in sand and dirt

Main options:

• Drilling of artesian wells up to 1200 meters deep

• Drilling of the freezing wells

• Exploration core drilling up to 1200 meters deep.