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  • Project team: well design, water supply, Sewerage and Sewerage networks, power supply

Project team: well design, water supply, Sewerage and Sewerage networks, power supply

The project team for the design of wells, water supply, sanitation and Sewerage networks, power supply performs the following works:

  • Development of construction water-supply projects;
  • Projects of drilling boreholes with natschinski pumping stations (landscaping and tie-in to existing mains water and electricity);
  • Projects of external networks of a waterpipe with the water tower;
  • Projects drilling of wells for heat pumps;
  • Projects of sanitary protection zones of artschwager,
  • Projects substantiating the boundaries of the mining allotment,
  • Projects of liquidation plugging of wells;
  • Design of external power supply networks;
  • The modular design of sewage pumping stations;
  • Engineering-geodesic ihydrogeological surveys.

Extras include free toiletries and a Hairdryer.:

on complex support of the project
assistance is provided in the collection of baseline data, obtaining the necessary approvals, well inspection, supervision of construction.
The design team sets the highest standards of quality in the field of design.

Long-term experience allows to carry out design works in the terms minimum for the Customer and at reasonable price.

Project work is clearly divided into stages, each of which always offers the best solution, which is used as a basis for effective dialogue with the Customer and take into account all his wishes.

The main princes of the project team:

  • Frank and honest approach to work with any Customer.
  • Compliance with the highest requirements of the Customer.
  • Trusting relationship to maintain long-term cooperation.

Maximum customer satisfaction-the basic principle of the company!


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